Basic Computer Application


Basic Computer Application Course
(MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint)

Duration: 1 to 2 months (may vary based on the curriculum and learner’s pace)

Course Overview:

The Basic Computer Application course provides fundamental training in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, essential software applications for office productivity. Participants will learn basic to intermediate-level skills required to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations effectively using these Microsoft Office tools.

Key Topics Covered:

Microsoft Word:

  • Document creation and formatting
  • Editing and formatting text
  • Working with tables, images, and graphics
  • Page layout and printing

Microsoft Excel:

  • Spreadsheet creation and formatting
  • Data entry and manipulation
  • Formulas and functions
  • Charts and graphs

Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • Presentation creation and formatting
  • Slide design and layout
  • Inserting text, images, and multimedia
  • Slide transitions and animations


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    Master these 3 essential skills through this course:

    MS Office Champion: Create Stunning Documents & Shine

    Proficiency in creating and formatting documents, spreadsheets, and presentations using MS Office applications.

    Spreadsheets & Presentations with Ease: Conquer Everyday Tasks

    Ability to utilize basic to intermediate-level features of MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint effectively.

    Boost Your Productivity: Power Up Your Office Skills

    Improved productivity and efficiency in performing office tasks requiring computer application skills

    A Must-to-Have Skill for:

    • Students
    • Job seekers
    • Administrative staff
    • Professionals across various industries

    Salary Range in India

    Achieving proficiency in Basic computer application can potentially lead to salary increases and career advancement opportunities.

    What drives this career path?

    • Basic computer application proficiency is vital for smooth execution of daily office tasks across industries.
    • MS Office familiarity is often mandatory for administrative, customer service, data entry, and office management roles.
    • In a tech-driven world, demand for basic computer skills remains consistently high.
    • These skills pave the way for diverse career opportunities as technology continues to evolve.