Spoken English Course


Spoken English Course

Duration: 70 Hours (may vary based on the curriculum and learner’s pace)

Course Overview:

The Spoken English course focuses on developing participants’ oral communication skills in the English language. It covers various aspects of spoken English, including pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, fluency, and conversation practice. The course aims to enhance participants’ ability to communicate confidently and effectively in various personal and professional situations.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Pronunciation and Accent Improvement
  • Vocabulary Expansion and Usage
  • Grammar and Sentence Structure
  • Fluency Enhancement Techniques
  • Conversation Practice and Role-Playing

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    Master these 3 essential skills through this course:

    English Powerhouse: Speak Fluent, Speak Confident

    Improved confidence in speaking English fluently and articulately.

    Language Mastery: Express Yourself Like a Pro

    Enhanced vocabulary and grammar skills for effective communication.

    Conversation Catalyst: Connect & Engage with the World

    Increased ability to engage in conversations and express ideas clearly and coherently. provide short title each.

    A Must-to-Have Skill for:

    • Students
    • Job seekers
    • Working professionals
    • Anyone seeking personal or professional growth through improved English communication skills

    Salary Range in India

    Achieving proficiency in Workplace English can potentially lead to salary increases and career advancement opportunities.

    What drives this career path?

    • Spoken English proficiency is crucial for success in the globalized world.
    • Opens doors to better job opportunities and career advancement.
    • Enhances prospects for higher education and improved social interactions.
    • Highly valued in customer service, sales, hospitality, and education sectors.
    • Strong communication skills in English drive career growth and success.